From 07/05/2014 to 08/03/2014


10:23 pm ToDo #232 (Neu): nfe(4) wol on macmini is broken
nfe(4) won't do WOL on my macmini says...
Stefan Sperling
10:20 pm ToDo #231 (Erledigt): sparc64 needs softraid boot support
I need softraid boot on sparc64. Stefan Sperling
10:19 pm ToDo #230 (Neu): ral(4) rt3090 rx is broken
rx seems broken on my rt3090 ral(4) minipcie Stefan Sperling
10:19 pm ToDo #229 (Neu): utpms synaptics support
utpms(4) should support synaptics(4) Stefan Sperling
10:17 pm ToDo #220 (Erledigt): bwi(4) intr fatal TX/RX error
fixed for 5.6 Stefan Sperling


10:50 pm ToDo #228 (Neu): AR5424 support
With 11g enabled AR5424 almost works but runs into device timeouts.
Stefan Sperling
10:41 pm ToDo #217 (Erledigt): Support for RT5370 usb wireless adapter
Supported in -current. Stefan Sperling
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