From 02/14/2014 to 03/15/2014


05:07 pm ToDo #218: urtwn(4) hostap/ibss support
some debug output from the vendor driver Stefan Sperling
03:29 pm ToDo #216: athn ar9485 support
Slightly different diff which has TX/IQ calibration enabled:
Stefan Sperling
01:26 pm ToDo #220 (Erledigt): bwi(4) intr fatal TX/RX error
Using bwi on macppc results in a stream of
bwi0: intr fatal TX/RX ([01]) error 0x00001000
Stefan Sperling
10:26 am ToDo #219: RTL8188CE support
Patch by Dmitrij D. Czarkof which gets us a bit further. Stefan Sperling
10:24 am ToDo #219: RTL8188CE support
Fossil project: Stefan Sperling
10:21 am ToDo #219 (Erledigt): RTL8188CE support
OpenBSD doesn't support RTL8188CE minipci devices.
These are similar to the USB devices handled by urtwn(4).
Stefan Sperling
10:18 am ToDo #218: urtwn(4) hostap/ibss support
Latest Realtek vendor driver I could find. Stefan Sperling
10:14 am ToDo #218: urtwn(4) hostap/ibss support
Current patch.
While joining an existing IBSS network works with this, the device is not generating beacons so it ca...
Stefan Sperling
10:11 am ToDo #218 (Neu): urtwn(4) hostap/ibss support
Add hostap/ibss support to urtwn(4) driver. Stefan Sperling
10:10 am ToDo #217: Support for RT5370 usb wireless adapter
Alexey Suslikov has a WIP patch here: Stefan Sperling
10:08 am ToDo #217 (Erledigt): Support for RT5370 usb wireless adapter
I've got a 'LogiLink WL0084B' USB wireless adapter which OpenBSD doesn't support.
ugen0 at uhub3 port 2 "Ralink 80...
Stefan Sperling
10:02 am ToDo #216: athn ar9485 support
Blocking problem: Currently TX/IQ calibration fails, preventing the device from starting up properly during 'ifconfig... Stefan Sperling
09:57 am ToDo #216 (Neu): athn ar9485 support
Add support for AR9485 to athn(4) driver. Stefan Sperling
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