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pidgin / pidgin-otr focus issues

Added by Stefan Sperling almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:Neu Start date:01/29/2015
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  • pidgin-otr 'authenticate buddy' dialog does not appear to work
  • pidgin can steal focus in xfce if an otr conversation is ended, conversation window closed, and the buddy types a new message
    <ofourdan> what you're looking at here is the code invoked when mapping a new window
    <stsp_> also, this happened with both focus stealing prevention on and off, so it's probably not related to the timestamp check in clientFocusNew (because that only runs if prevent_focus_stealing is TRUE)
    <ofourdan> but that does not mean the application itself won't request focus
    <ofourdan> later on
    <ofourdan> yes, taht's what I mean, if the client does request focus by itself, then it will get the focus it requested
    <ofourdan> in other words, the client is defeating focus stealingprevention on purpose
    <ofourdan> that is sometimes desirable


#1 Updated by Stefan Sperling almost 5 years ago

  • Subject changed from pidgin / pidgin otr focus issues to pidgin / pidgin-otr focus issues

#2 Updated by Stefan Sperling over 4 years ago

pidgin-otr 'authenticate buddy' dialog fixed with patch added in upgrade to pidgin-otr-4.0.1

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