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athn ar9485 support

Added by Stefan Sperling over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Add support for AR9485 to athn(4) driver.

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#1 Updated by Stefan Sperling over 5 years ago

Blocking problem: Currently TX/IQ calibration fails, preventing the device from starting up properly during 'ifconfig athn0 up'.

Here's my current diff against CVS. It doesn't fix the real problem, it just disables calibration:


and then fails later (the PHY chip complains about TX errors).
Also, it's full of debug output. Some parts of this (e.g. register macros
in header files and the maxchains stuff) could actually be committed if
they don't affect existing code.

I believe that ar9003.c has never been working. We don't use it
for any chipset that already works with athn. It is full of untested
code and the problems are hard for me to spot. I believe Damien
wrote this file without having any hardware available to test with.

One thing that still needs checking is if the code in the Linux ath9k
driver in ar9003_rtt.c might be relevant to our problem.

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Slightly different diff which has TX/IQ calibration enabled:


and also includes PCI attachment goo.

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