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We probably want some lighting on the screen, and it would be really cool to have a flashlight in the phone, sort of like the nokia 1100 or so.

look at the ripped open phones neels has lying around and figure out what components they used, or otherwise come up with one or two usable vendor part numbers of nice bright and pleasant (power?) LEDs, and try to think of positions to place them in our final prototype. don't blow the battery though, they should be efficient in their brightness. SMD (surface mounted) or TH (through-hole components = with legs) are both good. SMDs are usually a lot smaller though.

maybe they can also be too bright -- it's a moonless night, take out phone, <blinded>;

so, lighting: that's what this issue is about.


#1 Updated by Neels Hofmeyr almost 6 years ago

oh, and build a test circuit on a bread board!

the circuit should test LEDs we've ordered (are going to order soon after you supplied part nrs), at "Li-ion battery voltages" between 3 and 4.2 volts (3 = battery flat, 4.2 = absolute maximum charging voltage) -- neels may be able to help you with the circuit if you need an introduction.

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<feature-creep awesome="true" necessary="false">
Night mode: when you just got your eyes adapted to obscurity and you're watching the stars in the middle of an ever-more romantic night, you still want to be able to have a look at your phone or what's in your pocket without being blinded for the next 20 minutes. => we could have a set of red backlight+flashlight LEDs to which we can (soft-)switch over.

(And even implement an optional redshift -like feature that automatically adapts the backlight colour or gamma depending on the time of the day, and latitude.)

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